About Me

I’m music aficionado, musician, songwriter, audio engineer & enthusiast. I also love computers and electronics.

On the music side of things, I play a few different instruments: guitar, trumpet, bass, and keyboards. I also sing. I write songs, compose music, pen lyrics. I’ve owned & operated my own recording studio, Studio LoDo, in Denver, and I loved meeting new people and helping record some great local music of all different genres. I’ve played in various bands, the most recent of which were in San Francisco: The Gomorran Social Aid & Pleasure Club, the russo jones bipolar music experience, and my own solo project.

I was born outside Philadelphia, was raised in Chicago, and have lived in Indiana, Des Moines, Denver, San Francisco, and now Las Vegas.

I’ve been a Mac enthusiast all my life: started programming on an Apple Iic in 1984, a Centris 610 in the early 90’s, bought a Power Mac G4 in 2000 (and a Digi 001 for my first Pro Tools rig), and an Aluminum iMac in 2007.

I’ve worked for Motorola Inc., programming DSP’s in cellular base stations. I worked for loudspeaker pioneer Meyer Sound Laboratories, programming micro-controllers to create an inter-network of intelligent loudspeakers. I’ve worked in IT desktop support and administration for small non-profits and private individuals.

I built my first website in 1998 using archaic HTML tags on a dial-up modem with Earthlink as my ISP and host. There was no separation of content and presentation: <b> was bold, <i> was italics, and <td> and <tr> were all you needed to format and layout your (very very static) page. This was Web 1.0.